Envision You: Own Your Purpose

Virtual Conference: September 19, 2020 |

Alisha Gee

Featured Speaker

Alisha is an Abuse Coach and Speaker for women who have been through abuse or painful past experiences.

She has created the Rise Up Framework which is Release, Reclaim, and Rise. To support women all over the world release their past so they can live the life they’ve always dreamed of. 

She does this through mindset tools to help you unlearn what your abuser and society has said about you, moving your body, and finding a routine that helps you wake up every day with a purpose. 

Alisha has also created a 5-week course call Abuse Is Not My Name to support women unlearn what their abuser and society has said about them so they can start healing and finding freedom after abuse. This 5 week course is done online so women all around the world can start their healing journey. 

This is an amazing start to your healing journey and if you want to go even further you can sign up for group or 1:1 coaching with Alisha because like she always says “it’s a healing journey, not a healing sprint!”