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Virtual Conference: September 19, 2020 |

Dr. Karen Perkins, is the Living First Class KPI

Dr. Karen Perkins

Featured Speaker

Have you ever wished for Instantaneous and permanent results?  Dr. Karen Perkins is the Master of “The 7-Figure Jump.” She holds the Applied Scientific Doctorate in NLP, Emotional Intelligence, and Mind Programming Tools.

5-Figure, Six, Seven or Eight, she guides you on Reaching your own Legacy Status, and to enjoy more time, more money and less stress. Dr. Perkins, teaches and lives her “Living First Class” System with measurable standards.

Dr. Perkins has used her system for nearly 3 decades Leading Successful Businesses and Individuals to their own Legacy Status.
This is done through guiding clients through the creation of their own unique recipe to boost the five key factors for measurable success: Money,

Time, Productivity, Growth and Relationships.
That knowledge, along with other key ingredients Dr. Perkins teaches, leads to More Time, More Money, and Less Stress.