Envision You: Own Your Purpose

Virtual Conference: September 19, 2020 |

Karen Millerwise

Featured Speaker

Karen Millerwise applies her MBA and 20+ years experience in marketing communication, sales, and coaching to help her clients close more sales in less time.  She is the Co-Founder of SHAPESHIFT World and is a Certified BANKCode Trainer.  She is a highly credentialed and experienced Marketing specialist who loves teaching organizations how to use the BANKCode personality science system to communicate more effectively and influence buying behavior. In addition, Karen is the Managing Director of eWomen Network / Scottsdale where she supports and coaches women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

JOIN KAREN AND DISCOVER: How to protect, empower, and maximize the most valuable asset you have right now: your mindset.How to increase your sales by up to 300%, even during these crazy economic times.How to connect better with your current clients, so you can keep your existing revenue and also increase the value of those relationships.How to discover new and exciting opportunities to generate revenue from home, 100% online.How to keep your team and colleagues inspired to work hard for your organization’s goals. And much more!