Envision You: Own Your Dreams

Virtual Conference: April 17, 2021 |

Robbie Walls

Featured Speaker


Robbie is founder of The Walls Speak, author of 180* Momentum and co-author in The Power of the Platform.  She is a Success Coach, Speaker Teacher.   Robbie empowers women to embrace fear and activate courage.    She teaches women to stretch, go for more, drawing out talent to release their inner brilliance!  This brilliance is an expression of they are becoming personally and professionally.

Robbie spent 15 years teaching school. While writing on the chalkboard one day, Robbie stopped mid-sentence, turned to her classroom and Said, “I’m done”!  She suddenly realized what she was doing was out of alignment of Who she wanted to become.

 As a widow and mother of three, she had to make a drastic shift and take control of Her power!  She turned in her two week notice and headed to a place called “OZ”!  However, there was no Glenda the good witch to greet her, no cowardly lion, no tin man and no scarecrow.  It was just her and her 3 little munchkins!  She applied to coaching school, started two businesses and began speaking to women about Owning Their Power.

This pivotal moment was a big turning point.  It’s one of the things that compelled Robbie to transition from education to Speaker Teacher and create her plan of action for women to come together, experience “What” their Soul is yearning for and the voice that has been silent!